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Singer Mali here.

This past September, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to realize a lifelong dream ~ I got the chance to go to Australia.  I attended a conference in Voice Movement Therapy, and was a special guest at Amanda Palmer and The Grand Theft Orchestra’s concerts in Sydney and Brisbane.  I also played sets at a couple of house parties with Amanda.

The experience was incredible.
First ~ a week in the bush, working with and on myself using voice and movement to move through some of the psychological troughs I’d found myself in over the summer, then witnessing and being a part of huge celebrations of art, music, and life itself that are Amanda Palmer concerts. Amanda had requested that I play ‘7 stone’ and the GTO backed me up, which was totally thrilling. (You can see video from the Brisbane concert here).  The welcoming and enthusiastic reception I received has spurred me into planning a return a solo tour for mid-February.  I plan to play Sydney and Brisbane again, as well as Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.
I can’t wait!
Here are some photos from AFP’s Sydney show (I think it was Sydney) ~ all taken by Monica Sellars:

Here’s a video from backstage at the Sydney Enmore show, care of Moshcam ~ members of the GTO and myself get interviewed by Otto and Ingrid of Die Roten Punkte, Amanda’s adorably and creatively fun and sweet support band:
And if you thought you could get through a blog about Australia without something nature-y, you’re wrong ~ check out this sky I witnessed from the Manly Ferry:
I’m excited to begin creating a solo set for this tour!
I’ll be updating this site as everything comes together and I appreciate your help in getting the word about the shows.
My hopes are that this solo tour will lay a foundation for me to bring the band, or at least some of it, back for festivals in winter (Australia’s summer) of 2015.