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We play our first ever show in Worcester, MA this Sunday, October 27th ~ as part of Cirque du Noir, a Halloween celebration of art, music, and community, with all proceeds going to the Worcester County Food Bank.

Cirque du Noir includes a silent art auction which includes this stunning work by John Pagano:


Read this to learn what you’re in store for, and this about our involvement.

& get your tickets here.


the following Sunday, November 3rd gets even scarier, with:

Singer Mali produces, bringing together performers to raise and express their artistic voices around the concept of free speech and the suppression thereof. From reinterpretations of banned works to revelations on self-censorship to experiences of making art in lands less free, performers will be pushing the acceptability envelope and exploring the idea of what should ~ or should not ~ be seen, heard, and spoken. In keeping with the end of this year’s Halloween weekend, we will be presenting an original live score to a segment of the 1922 banned film, Häxan: Witchcraft through the Ages, plus putting a darkwave jazz spin on the “Devil’s internal”, and throwing in a dose of Disney.

at Oberon in Cambridge, MA, tickets here.