Issue # 146 Zzajrant – Live Review, Seattle, WA

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by Dick Metcalf

. . . Next up was a band from Boston that’s on an extended (30 day) tour of the country that they call their For The Record Tour… Jaggery had played Seattle before, though I was still in Hawaii when they were here last.  The lead for this group is fronted by a truly dynamic vocalist, Singer Mali . . . and when I say that, it is with all the respect one might imagine… the music they play keeps the “prog” in mind, but is more attuned to that “prog-opera” I mentioned earlier in this piece… though I’m not intimately familiar with all the terms proggers use to describe their music, the lead-off piece sounded (to me) like “wicked chamber dirge” – some of the most impressive and powerful high-range vocal work I’ve heard in years.  Let that not detract from the rest of the group, though… each and every piece & player fully understands the story they are telling – and they don’t get “in the way of each other”.  A very powerful set.

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