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“Garden” by Jaggery from Crux



Creating elegant rapture, Jaggery tantalizes the senses with artistic placement of instruments. Classical urges are fulfilled with Jaggery’s skillful marriage of sound. Surpassing the limits of the rock genre, Jaggery dabbles with aesthetic genius. The concoction of instruments is capable of igniting dopamine in the brain. Mali’s vocals linger in haunting lore. [Dylan Jack]’s jazz direction twists #AvantRock to higher levels – taking cues from classical, jazz, pop, and rock. For me, the strings steal the show. Lingering notes – strummed by finger or bow – run up and down one’s spine. Tony Leva on upright bass, avant-classical viola c/o Rachel Jayson, and…the showstopper: the Celtic harp. Petaluma Vale’s delicate fingerings of the harp mirror the electric energy found in Mali’s unique vocal style. Beautiful and unique, Jaggery implements notes of earthy-romanticism.

article link: http://www.punchland.com/music/avant-rock-jaggerys-garden-new-album-crux/

Sly Vinyl 3/1/2016

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Jaggery – Crux // Limited to 250 Black Vinyl 2xLP

RIYL: Avant-pop

Label: Self Release

Jaggery is ethereal, complex, and real.  If they haven’t already been on your radar you can thank me after you’ve invested in this incredible album. If “War Cry” doesn’t already have you intrigued, “Garden” truly shows the depth and range of Jaggery. Both of these songs are available as a digital download when you pre-order the LP.

First time on vinyl for this band with a limited pressing of 250 black double LP gatefold albums of their upcoming album entitled ‘Crux.

article link: https://slyvinyl.com/genres/pop/jaggery-crux-limited-to-250-black-vinyl-2xlp

Music Related Junk 2/18/2016

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Review of ‘Crux’

by Alasdair Kennedy



Jaggery are Boston’s latest off-the-wall offering, a self-proclaimed ‘avant rock’ group with a frontwoman named Singer Mali Sastri (that’s right – their singer is named Singer).

Their sound is quite simply genre defying – an alien mix of Bjorkish vocals, dark strings, soft pianos, and jazzy percussion. ‘Avant rock’ doesn’t do it justice. For one rock indicates guitars, of which there are surprisingly none on this record.

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The Boston Globe – 5/1/2015

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Jaggery takes flight with Da Vinci at the MFA

by Jeremy Goodwin

photo: Kayana Szymczak

The members of Jaggery have long been multidisciplinary types. The band’s sound, which might be described as restless chamber-pop, has proved fertile ground for collaborations with dancers, video artists, and various other forward-thinkers.

For its newest project, the band has chosen a rather boldface name to work with: Leonardo da Vinci.

At Jaggery’s show at the Museum of Fine Arts on Friday, the band will present a program of songs in response to the Italian artist. Cued by an exhibition of his drawings (“Leonardo da Vinci and the Idea of Beauty”) now on view at the museum, frontwoman Singer Mali says that Jaggery’s focus on notions of the beautiful and grotesque fits right in with its aesthetic. Continue reading “The Boston Globe – 5/1/2015”

Boston Magazine – 4/30/15

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What to Do During ArtWeek Boston 2015

By Shaula Clark

photo: Matt Samolis
photo: Matt Samolis

Jaggery Presents:

The Beautiful and the Grotesque:

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci

In the MFA’s “Leonardo da Vinci and the Idea of Beauty,” drawings of porcelain-faced angels share gallery space with the gnarled faces of old men—all examples of the Renaissance master’s concept of ideal beauty. And it’s the kind of juxtaposition that comes naturally to avant-chamber-rock band Jaggery, whose description-defying music combines heavenly harp sounds and singer Mali Sastri’s ethereal voice with strange time signatures and disturbing lyrics. Drawing on the MFA exhibit, Jaggery bring their darkwave cabaret act to Remis Auditorium this Friday.

article link: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/arts-entertainment/blog/2015/04/30/artweek-boston-spring-2015/