Boston Magazine – 4/30/15

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What to Do During ArtWeek Boston 2015

By Shaula Clark

photo: Matt Samolis
photo: Matt Samolis

Jaggery Presents:

The Beautiful and the Grotesque:

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci

In the MFA’s “Leonardo da Vinci and the Idea of Beauty,” drawings of porcelain-faced angels share gallery space with the gnarled faces of old men—all examples of the Renaissance master’s concept of ideal beauty. And it’s the kind of juxtaposition that comes naturally to avant-chamber-rock band Jaggery, whose description-defying music combines heavenly harp sounds and singer Mali Sastri’s ethereal voice with strange time signatures and disturbing lyrics. Drawing on the MFA exhibit, Jaggery bring their darkwave cabaret act to Remis Auditorium this Friday.

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