Jaggery + Foolish Ida + Heather Christian & the Arbornauts

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we are eagerly anticipating our next Boston show, which is taking place on Saturday, May 19th at the beautiful all-ages, grand-piano toting venue, Cafe 939.  Heather Christian & the Arbornauts (NYC) will open the night ~ they had us all shocked and drooling when they played with us at a private event in March.  Heather is part blues musician, part pixie, part old lady and she “howls like a werewolf with a voice made of molasses.” (Variety Magazine).   Her dream-hymnals are a staple at esteemed venues in New York like Joe’s Pub and LaMama.  You really do not want to miss her set, so get ye to the show early.  Sarah Rabdau also joins the bill, with her new side project, Foolish Ida.  Inspired by Sarah’s favorite children’s book, “Outside Over There” by Maurice Sendak, the Foolish Ida song cycle is composed of tales suggesting how the main character ~ Ida ~ might have grown up after being forever changed by the events from Sendak’s book.  Swirling piano, strings, organ, and layers of voices paint a picture of possibilities about a young woman wracked with familial responsibilities, love, and doubt.  Jaggery’s set tonight features Jonah Sacks on cello, and a handful of brand new songs with which we’ll be testing the waters before we hit the road for a short tour in June.  This show is gonna be dreamy and delicious so hope you can make it!

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