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we just released a brand new song!

we took part in a project curated by music blog Foundwaves to write & record a song based on a chapter from Alice in Wonderland (the book had it’s 150th anniversary of publication this year). we got Chapter 10, The Lobster Quadrille.

here’s what i told Foundwaves about the song-making process:

When Foundwaves contacted me about having Jaggery involved in this project, I realized I was one of those people who have never actually read Alice In Wonderland, so I got myself a copy and got educated. Much of the song came together quite organically with the band. I spent some time at the keyboard with the lyrics included in the chapter and came up with a chorus melody, and a few basic verse melodies. Rachel (viola) suggested we put the chorus in 5/8, and Petaluma (backup vocals/harp) worked her vocal harmony magic. Dylan (drums) came up with an alternating 1 2 1 2 3, 1 2 3 1 2 shaker pattern. Together we broke down the individual verses and challenged ourselves in exploring different meters and different rhythmic deliveries. I hear Tony’s bass solo as the musical interpretation of the reluctant snail, who finally — with the return of the distinct bass line — joins the dance.

I think what we ended up with is an experimental kids song (that, of course, has a quintessential Jaggery build towards the end). We have yet to play this one live — it will definitely be a challenge switching between all the different parts, but we look forward to it (maybe invite us to play it at your kid’s birthday party, just kidding).

Listen and read more about the process below:

You can also listen and download (for free or pay-what-you-want) via our bandcamp page:

i33878_martwork by Serpentes Designs

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much we enjoyed creating it.