Boston Survival Guide 7/28/2010

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Rachel Jayson and Mali Sastri of Jaggery

Sometimes it takes an unexpected glitch to realize how brilliant a band really is. No, not glitch; to lose power two songs into your set at the long-awaited CD release party for your new album is nothing short of a clusterfuck. This was after having duplication problems with their new release, Upon A Penumbra, with the (somewhat) fixed CDs arriving just the day before. It was, as Jaggery’s Mali Sastri pointed out the second time we were plunged into total darkness, “fitting.” But being the amazingly talented musicians they are, not only did they persevere; they wrapped their hands tightly around the neck of this debacle and shook it. Hard. What resulted was a powerful and poignant joining of spirits, and the most awe-inspiring set I’ve seen them perform.

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