Shhhhhhh – Recording In Progress

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We are very excited to announce that we’ve begun recording a new album! We’ve been working with the fantastic, ears-of-gold engineer/producer/bassist Jon Evans ~ whose credentials make us blush with excitement and nervousness (look him up) ~ at his beautiful, window-lined, magic-making studio on Cape Cod.  This is the first time we’re recording at an actual studio (that is not Mali’s basement) and working with a bona fide professional to over-see the process.  It’s been an incredible experience so far.  Here are some photos:

Mali was all business
Rachel got to play the B3 and aced it on the first take
Tony's basses in the control room
Dylan was one happy camper
Mali's view, recording vocals
Despite her repetitive strain injury, Petaluma was able to lay down harp on four songs

We will be thrilled to share the fruits of our labor with you when this thing is ready. We’re estimating a late summer or fall album release and will keep you posted on our progress here.