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Premiering A New Song
Someone You Should Know

THE SPICE OF LIFE – While their range and musical leanings might put them at risk of being misunderstood in our contemporary rat race, JAGGERY are far from unaccessable. In many ways, the band of five players could be the region’s most talented band. Leader Mail Sastri is a brilliant vocalist and piano player. In this project she is surrounded by a number of very strong players — and this Lot have a new and rather stunning record of statement in, Private Violence.

Today we share a brand new song from Jaggery that can’t be found any new other albums, EPs or singles. The new song today is “Paprikah” – it’s a fun, cool French Pop-influenced number featuring bhangra drum line, noisy piano, and Singer Mali’s completely unique wail..

link: http://www.rslblog.com/2012/12/jaggery-paprikah.html