Crux ~ no minimum download

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in celebration of Mali being able ~ at long last ~ to hit her high notes post-summer-laryngitis-that-ended-two-tours,

we’ve made our latest album Crux available as a no-miminum-name-your-price digital download here


we appreciate the generosity of those who can afford a few extra bucks, which ends up covering for those who can’t.

thank you ~ enjoy = share the music!


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we are exuberantly ecstatic to be performing as part of this year’s


a FREE (yes, FREE) arts & culture festival on Boston Common July 13-17th


our set is SATURDAY JULY 16TH at the TREMONT TENT* at 6pm sharp

our lineup will be DYLAN JACK [drums], TANYA PHILIPS [pedal harp], RACHEL JAYSON [viola], PETALUMA VALE [backup vox], & MALI [piano & laryngitis-recovering lead vox]

come early to catch our dear friend’s WHAT TIME IS IT, MR. FOX who play the same stage at 3pm

more details & a full event schedule here:

~ come celebrate summer in the city with us ~

* the Tremont Tent is located along Tremont Street ~ here’s a map

more news from Laryngitis Land + 3 awesome upcoming shows in MA

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hi folks, mali here.

despite our very best intentions, we are needing to cancel our weekend shows in NY (Saturday in Schenectady and Sunday in Brooklyn). i still have laryngitis & speaking feels like trying to push/force/strain my voice through a thick barrier.


what’s almost equally annoying is that i cannot get this goddamned post to format all center, blast it!!!!!! what’s wrong with your wordpress!!!!!?!?!?!?

that being said, we have three other shows coming up, that SHOULD be far enough away for me to be well by.

these are . . . .

300 years
a free, outdoor, daytime dance & music event in Sudbury, MA

this is a non-Jaggery gig, but i will be performing an original piece commissioned by, and with, Luminarium Dance, and will be singing alongside cellist Jonah Sachs, who’s collaborated with Jaggery in the past.

from Luminarium:

“Luminarium Dance Company is proud to present this year’s Cultural Community Outreach Project: 300 Years. Join us for an afternoon of dance and live music celebrating the Wayside’s tricentennial, featuring outdoor performances by Boston’s award-winning Luminarium Dance Company and composer Mali Sastri. This 40-minute performance of contemporary dance and live music (voice and cello) will be presented three times:

@ NOON, 1:30PM, & 3PM

the event takes place at:

The Grist Mill at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn
72 Wayside Inn Rd, Sudbury MA

*Rain Date: sunday, july 24

more info

Facebook Event


we will be performing at this year’s

Outside the Box Festival
a free, outdoor arts festival on Boston Common that makes Boston feel like the best city in the whole wide world

we play on

saturday, july 16th

The Tremont Tent

at 6pm sharp

this will be an unusual set without bass or viola, but there are rumours that Tanya’s pedal harp might make another appearance . . . and seriously though, this festival is the BEST. come for the whole day & stop by before dinner.


i’m producing another ORG at Oberon:

Org: Black & White Ball

friday july 29th
Oberon • 2 Arrow Street • Cambridge, MA

this is the 42nd Org, and will feature Jaggery as well as Oakland duo FAUN FABLES (one of my all-time favorites), as well as many other local-and-otherwise performers riffing on the theme of opposites, contrasts, and extremes.
& most importantly, black & white attire is strongly encouraged.

tickets here

i am hoping beyond all hope that i recover my voice soon & all these shows can happen according to plan.
fingers-crossed love, & thank you for your support,
mali + Jaggery
[from our last show at Oberon]

Update on the Laryngitis Tour

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greetings from the sick bed.
singer mali here.
last Tuesday, the band & i headed out for our June/July East Coast tour, but after our first show that night, in Kingston, NY, i was felled by a Mighty Cold which stole my voice and hasn’t returned it since.

salt was gargled [at rest stops], vitamin C was swallowed, throat coat tea was drunk, & sleep was attempted to be had from the van, but The Mighty Cold would just not let up. instead it intensified into a Relentless Cough From Hell (just ask my bandmates), and The Sore Throat Of A Lifetime.

we cancelled our Philly show.
we played Baltimore instrumentally, with our harp sub Tanya ending the set with a few of her own gorgeous harp-electro-pop songs (including this one which you really should check out, it’s lovely).

medical intervention was attempted in DC, where our show was cancelled b/c of the host coming down with an illness of his own. it was starting to feel like this tour was cursed.

3 prescriptions, and numerous homeopathic remedies later, the laryngitis was just not budging. i couldn’t talk, let alone sing.
we made the difficult decision on Sunday to head back to Boston so i could properly recover, & we’ve  regretfully had to cancel the following shows:

6/27 in  Indianapolis, IN
6/28 in Chicago, IL
6/30 in Toronto, ON
7/1 in Buffalo, NY

we have our hopes that i’ll be able to sing by this weekend, and we have notcanceled our show on Saturday in Schenectady or our show in Brooklyn on Sunday.
we will keep you posted.

it’s been rough, to say the least ~ disappointing, frustrating.
my body is just saying “no” & i can’t talk it out of it ~ hell, i haven’t been able to talk in 7 days.

we are so sorry to miss many of you this time around.

& of course it could always be worse:
– we could have crashed the van
– we could have forgotten gear somewhere along the way (it’s happened before)
– the UK could have voted out of the EU
oh, wait . . .

see you on the other side of this thing.


p.s. perhaps an offering to Ursula is what’s needed?

June Tour Dates

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In a few short days, Mali, Tony, Daniel, Rachel, and Tanya are hitting the road for an East Coast-ish tour!

Dates and cities below, and details here

Hope to see you at at one of these shows!

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