Update on the Laryngitis Tour

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greetings from the sick bed.
singer mali here.
last Tuesday, the band & i headed out for our June/July East Coast tour, but after our first show that night, in Kingston, NY, i was felled by a Mighty Cold which stole my voice and hasn’t returned it since.

salt was gargled [at rest stops], vitamin C was swallowed, throat coat tea was drunk, & sleep was attempted to be had from the van, but The Mighty Cold would just not let up. instead it intensified into a Relentless Cough From Hell (just ask my bandmates), and The Sore Throat Of A Lifetime.

we cancelled our Philly show.
we played Baltimore instrumentally, with our harp sub Tanya ending the set with a few of her own gorgeous harp-electro-pop songs (including this one which you really should check out, it’s lovely).

medical intervention was attempted in DC, where our show was cancelled b/c of the host coming down with an illness of his own. it was starting to feel like this tour was cursed.

3 prescriptions, and numerous homeopathic remedies later, the laryngitis was just not budging. i couldn’t talk, let alone sing.
we made the difficult decision on Sunday to head back to Boston so i could properly recover, & we’ve  regretfully had to cancel the following shows:

6/27 in  Indianapolis, IN
6/28 in Chicago, IL
6/30 in Toronto, ON
7/1 in Buffalo, NY

we have our hopes that i’ll be able to sing by this weekend, and we have notcanceled our show on Saturday in Schenectady or our show in Brooklyn on Sunday.
we will keep you posted.

it’s been rough, to say the least ~ disappointing, frustrating.
my body is just saying “no” & i can’t talk it out of it ~ hell, i haven’t been able to talk in 7 days.

we are so sorry to miss many of you this time around.

& of course it could always be worse:
– we could have crashed the van
– we could have forgotten gear somewhere along the way (it’s happened before)
– the UK could have voted out of the EU
oh, wait . . .

see you on the other side of this thing.


p.s. perhaps an offering to Ursula is what’s needed?

June Tour Dates

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In a few short days, Mali, Tony, Daniel, Rachel, and Tanya are hitting the road for an East Coast-ish tour!

Dates and cities below, and details here

Hope to see you at at one of these shows!

grungy old yellow brown vintage parchment paper texture


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you can now PRE-ORDER our new album Crux, via bandcamp,  as digital, CD, or limited edition double vinyl.

here’s the link for pre-ordering, & the album cover:


Crux_Coverphoto by Matt Samolis

there are PERKS to pre-ordering: you’ll immediately get downloads of the first two tracks.

in addition, you get two BONUS TRACKS (which aren’t regularly part of the CD).

also, if you pre-order the CD or vinyl, i (mali) will personally mail it out to you as soon as we get them, which will (or at least better) be in advance of the album release, slated for 4/29/16.

we can’t wait to share this entire thing with you ~ it’s been a long time coming!

War Cry video ~ behind the scenes

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this past weekend, we shot a video for the song War Cry from the new unreleased album. the concept was a collaboration between Singer Mali, movement artist Jennifer Hicks, body/makeup artist Magdalena O’Connor, and tireless creative genius & Hostage Heart director Michael McQuilken. the shoot involved mud, fire, & lots & lots of brambles.
here are some behind-the-scenes stills:

12219598_10154101984247923_3426624186076386908_n 12193668_10154101984527923_3400745121517941196_n

IMG_691912193875_10154101984627923_1325306695073100599_n   IMG_6991 IMG_7012photos by Ryan Anas

we’ll be looking forward to sharing it when it’s ready for public consumption . . .