Boston Band Crush ~ C.D. on Songs: Annual Crushmas Pageant 12/2011

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I always suspected that Mali Sastri had some sort of supernatural powers, but her take on “Coventry Carol” leaves no doubt, as Sastri’s enchanting vocals create enough of their own magic to fuel any mystical holiday night. While I have never seen the Northern Lights, I imagine that they might sound like this if you could plug your headphones into them. Sastri paints the minor suspensions of this ancient melody with piercing color and wonder. Not whimsy, mind you – wonder.

It is almost impossible to hear Jaggery’s siren song and not have it touch some portion of your musical soul – and maybe have it open up previously unknown sections of it as well. This song places us squarely in a moonlit pine forest with Sastri’s vocals coming down from on high. “Coventry Carol” is like that softly haunting Christmas Eve that you dream of, in a place that is so dark that it allows the stars to shine that much brighter. Jaggery is that starry music; both ancient and very, very new.