Beat Circus [CD Release] + Count Zero + Jaggery + Emperor Norton Stationary Marching Band + Kee Avil

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Word on the street is that Petaluma Vale will be playing harp for this show, as she continues on her long road to RSI recovery ~ we are very excited! Here’s a word about the lineup ~ we believe we are playing second:

Beat Circus

Beat Circus is a band from Boston, Massachusetts fronted by Brian Carpenter. The band’s songs are characterized by lush arrangements, eclectic instrumentation, and lyrical themes of love, death, religion, and American mythologies. Carpenter developed a “Weird American Gothic” trilogy of concept albums, starting with Dreamland (2008).

Formed from the most talented deadbeats and drifters that could be rounded up, this group of raucous and rambunctious musicians will honk, wail, blow, beat, bounce, scream and serenade their way into your hearts. Playing anything that won’t break after vigorous use; their instrumentation is a unique blend of brass, winds, violin, accordion, percussion and an eclectic rhythm section.

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band combines the rich musical history of the circus and the vagabond peoples of Europe with the raw energy of avant-garde jazz and the irreverence and fun of today’s Vaudeville & Steampunk for a sound that is somehow familiar yet like no other. Label them anyway you like! Call them Balkan steamfunk, call them avant world fusion, call them experimental big band, call them circus noise! They may be tough to sum up, but it’s easy to tell you that they’ll show you a good time!

Count Zero is an innovative Boston band that combines electronics,acoustic grit, strong melodies, intriguing arrangements and thoughtful lyrics into an intense, eclectic stew of musical experimentation…and it’s catchy too. It’s Future Pop for the disnenchanted.
Step inside and take a listen.

Kee Avil

Kee Avil is a solo song project based in Montreal, QC. It combines guitar, voice and electronics into song forms thatstagger between structure and improvisation. Kee Avil evolved from playing the guitar with broken cymbals and drumsticks into creating strange beats glued together by samples of screws dropped into crystal bowls.