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hello Jaggeryians ~ right now we are working on finishing up the artwork for the Private Violence EP which we plan to release on CD in February.  (non-Boston folks, you can expect a short tour around that time, too.  let us know if you want us to visit your town/city & we will do our best to accommodate your request!) in addition, we are preparing for a set of hit songs from 1988 for our next show (info here) which will feature Jonah Sacks on cello (as Tony is taking the month off).  Singer Mali is also embarking on a project with painter/director Steven Bogart called Ten Paintings, Ten Songs ~ more details to be revealed as the project develops.  so far, the experience has served to shake up Singer Mali’s songwriter’s block, and force some new songs out of her . . . so you can expect new material on the horizon.  oh yes, and we’re also recording our own reggae-influenced-mixed meter-trip-hop interpretation of a christmas carol, to be released as an mp3 download in December.   please visit this site for more info.  and be in touch!  we LOVE hearing from you.

photo: Justin Moore