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for a limited time ~ til July 8th ~ we are offering sneak-peak-preview downloads of our to-be-released EP
Private Violence

photo: Noah Blumenson-Cook

after July 8th, the EP will go into hiding again until the Fall (date tba) when we will be officially releasing it as a CD with artwork and a booklet, and (we hope) on vinyl.

info about pre-orders coming soon.

•••• download the Private Violence EP via bandcamp here ••••

until July 8th, we will also be selling a few limited-edition hand-made (by violist, Rachel Jayson) Private Violence art pieces, which come with the download code.

check out the art-merch:

prices range from $15-$25, email

info at jaggery dot org

for ordering details, and better photographic evidence

we also have a few $7-$8 prints, also with the download code:

email: info at jaggery dot org for ordering info

looking forward to sharing the new music with our most loyal fans!